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Recording Artists

Patrick Hernandez, Claudia Cardinale, Magazine 60

Known for

17 Gold Records, Patrick Hernandez Born to be alive

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#1 ION A free musical transposition the definition of Wikipedia of ION «ion (/ˈaɪən, -ɒn/)[1] is a note of music or a music molecule, giving them a net positive or negative electrical charge. Because of their electric charges, cations and anions attract each other and readily form musical IONS.

#2 Dr ION Not one person but the father, the son and a combination of IONS

#3 Dr ION and Music Free IONS moving in many different directions From writing to performing to record and produce great music a 360° Scope from classical to commercial hits. From hit records to advertisement and film

# 4 Dr ION Background The father Jean Luc First Price in 1960 at the Conservatoire National de Musique Roubaix for Excellency at Piano, MusicTheory, Chamber Music.

#5 Dr Ion past 17 Gold records as producer, arranger, composer ..... for Patrick Hernandez world hit Born to be Alive, Claudia Cardinale, Chocolats, Magazine 60 Don Quichotte, Monte Kristo .....

#6 Dr ION Arnaud the son, also a top piano .....He has signed an Italian hit Mr Jack .... 

#7 Dr ION and Digital All Wrong soundtrack with a wonderful theme Silver lining 

#8 DR ION and MusicAsMedecined Working on a special project where music in itself with all its Dr ION become a health attitude with positive results and the backing of Doctors.

#9 Dr ION and Silent Movies He is one of the few left musician ......who can just create the music for silent movies

#10 Dr Ion and Film Synchro 1- "Formule one concerto" en 1972 Un film belge sur une course automobile 2- Dzle chirurgien de Saint Chaddz a filmfrom Alain Poiré avec Jean Claude Pascal et Ode Loring. Enfin le soundtrack sortie en Janvier 2017 de la série de Jacques All Wrong

#11 Dr ION and Special Products Marketing and Music often meet, and some of the DzIONS become a special product concept which is good for specific brands

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Album: Classical turned into Jazz
Genre: Jazz, Piano
Mood: Classical turned into jazz
Instrumental: Yes
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Album: piano theme for sync
Genre: Classical, Piano, piano theme for sync
Mood: Melancholy
Instrumental: Yes
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Album: Piano theme for sync
Genre: Piano, piano theme for sync, Jazz
Mood: celebration scene, Calm
Instrumental: Yes
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Album: All Wrong Web Series Soundtrack
Genre: Pop
Mood: mersey beat music
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Recent Placements

Dr ION Don Quichotte for Sosh Wifi Party
Dr ION Music For Silent Movies
Dr ION Mister jack al XXIX giochi nazionali Special Olympics
Dr ION Mr Jack in Italy
Dr ION Mr Jack more ....
Dr ION Mr Jack on Instagram

Music Videos

Dr ION A Silver lining
Dr ION Rendez Vous Sur la Costa Brava by Magazine 60
Dr ION Don Quichotte by Magazine 60
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